List all of the key issues/priorities

1. Governing Principles:

  • The following are the principles that will guide my actions as I represent you during my tenure as the Representative of District 45.
  • Elected Officials = Public Service to our community
  • Actively listen to ALL constituents to determine what is best for the community
  • Provide a voice and action for the constituents at the state capital
  • Facts will guide my decisions
  • Governing and leadership require compromise: think outcome and results.

2. Reproductive and Privacy Rights:

  • Reproductive rights and bodily autonomy are human rights. Period. I know that medical decisions are between Georgians and their doctors, without government interference.
  • As the father of a girl, I believe in creating an environment where women are free to choose the fate of their own bodies.
  • Leaving this right up to government is crucial and detrimental, and I will fight to stand beside women against the riot on them.
  • Women’s reproductive freedom is an also essential healthcare right that we must protect in Georgia.
  • The impacts of the Roe v Wade reversal being kicked back to the states is pivotal with the Heartbeat Bill set to go in effect any day now. This bill was allowed through my opponents Health and Human Services committee in 2019. This must be corrected and we must put protections in place that balance the protections of women and preserve the sanctity of life. 

3. Education:

  • As a dad with two children in Cobb County public schools, I want every child in Georgia to have access to a quality education and the skills they need to get a good-paying job.
  • Our kids have been hit hard by the pandemic, we need to look at how to ensure these kids are able to get caught back up to the milestones and standards. I’ll encourage after school tutoring programs to give kids access to resources.
  • I will implement retention packages for teachers and provide them with the resources they need to manage their classrooms.
  • Georgians deserve strong public schools and leaders who will invest in education from cradle to career.
  • Expand the availability of high-quality educational opportunity while improving the utilization of educational resources.
  • Update the 30 year-old model for state funding of public schools.
  • Oppose school funding models that adversely impact public schools.
  • Explore and implement state-wide anti-bullying programs.
  • Expand public partnerships for high school vocational training programs that focuses on AI and automation. The future is here and we have to adapt.
  • Create a business counsel to ensure schools are providing education required by the business community

4. Equality:

  • I support legislation and policies that will ensure the safety and health of all Georgians. We must fight to enact comprehensive hate crimes legislation, ensure that all Georgians are treated fairly and justly, and ensure equal opportunities and protections for employment, housing, and healthcare.




5. Economy and Jobs:

    • Implement innovative work-sharing programs for appropriate state employee positions.
    • Enact an earned income tax credit and raise the minimum wage to keep more money in the pockets of Georgians.
    • Expand Medicaid creating more than 50,000 new jobs.
    • Invest in renewable energy, investing in job readiness programs including apprenticeship programs and technical training, and expanding broadband and other infrastructure projects that will allow both for flexible working arrangements and greater access for workers with disabilities.
    • Provide tax breaks for Veteran-owned businesses, supporting those who have supported us.
    • Georgia currently gives away $9 billion in tax breaks every year. When we talk about cutting waste in government, we should start here rather than slashing the budget for public education.



6. Infrastructure and Transit:

  • Provide traffic options to reduce commute times and increase safety while ensuring cost-effective use of transportation revenues.
  • Create a Georgia Infrastructure Bank to reduce the cost and timeframes to implement transportation improvements.
  • Provide continued oversight of TSPLOST expenses and programs to ensure they are achieving their goals.
  • Expand financial support for bike-able and walkable solutions throughout our district.
  • Create incentives to ensure broadband access throughout the state, ensuring access for students and small businesses.
  • Invest in transportation infrastructure that accounts for future growth and community development.
  • Revise our solid waste fees so that Georgia is no longer a dumping ground for other states.
  • Upgrade our aging wastewater management and water treatment facilities to ensure that our communities have access to safe, clean water, incentivizing innovative solutions.

7. Healthcare:

  • Ensure the availability of high-quality and affordable healthcare for ALL of Georgia
  • We are losing nurses and healthcare facilities are relying on travel nurses, this is costly, inefficient, and it isn’t sustainable. We need to retain nurses that attend the best nursing programs in the state.
  • Strengthen and expand behavioral health treatment to those with mental illness or substance abuse disorders.
  • Sponsor legislation to expand the availability of Medicaid, which will:
  1. Provide health insurance to more than 200,000 uninsured Georgians  including 32,000 uninsured veterans.
  2. Bring 55,000 jobs to GA funded by Federal Medicaid reimbursements
  3. 15 Republican-led states have expanded and Georgia should be next. Healthcare is not a partisan issue.
  • Review state regulation of health insurance company policies in regards to Emergency Room visit payments
  • Expand telemedicine opportunities as a means to provide high-quality and affordable care


I’m running for Georgia House District 45 to provide you with representation that reflects the priorities and values you want to see in the community. In the State Legislature I will lead with the same dedication, integrity, and leadership that I demonstrate every day in my personal and professional lives.
My priorities for House District 45 include opposing East Cobb Cityhood, strengthening our infrastructure, improving the quality of our public schools, enacting healthcare reform for the uninsured, stimulating economic growth for our community, stability for our neighborhoods, and providing for fiscal strength for all families, residents, and businesses in the district. I promise to provide responsive and transparent leadership for House District 45. I love this district and will fight tirelessly to ensure that our district remains the best place in Georgia to raise a family, run a business, and live a great life.

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